Jockey 3 Comfort

29.990 kr.

The JOCKEY 3 COMFORT offers everything parents need – maximum safety combined with ease of use. Fully adjustable – with one hand – from the footrests, backrest to the headrest. So your child sits comfortably while being harnessed firmly and securely thanks to the new magnetic two-step belt lock. And because the seat is completely manufactured in Germany, we can guarantee the highest possible quality at all times.
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Maximum comfort and fit

The JOCKEY3 COMFORT is not only comfortable but is also extremely flexible – for children from 9 to 22 kg. The adjustable headrest and footrests ensure an optimal fit at any age and the backrest can be adjusted to a more comfortable position, so your child can relax during the journey. Plus, the sturdy spring bracket damps out vibrations from the road. All of this ensures that you and your child can enjoy your trip.

Safety first

The JOCKEY3 COMFORT with its many safety features guarantees a safe journey. The extra-large spoke covers prevents small feet from getting caught between the wheel spokes. At the same time, the foot straps ensure that your child’s feet stay safely on the footrests. Plus, the comfortable harness with its new two-step magnetic belt lock keeps your child securely in their seat at all times.

Easy to handle

Adjusting the JOCKEY3 COMFORT is child’s play. The backrest as well as the headrest and footrests can easily be adjusted with one hand. So you can always support your bike with your free hand. Installed directly on the bike frame with the mounting bracket, inserts are provided for different tube diameters allowing compatibility with most bikes.

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