Eyrnaband Vella Thermal

2.690 kr.

Reach for the Vella Women’s Thermal Headband when the temps drop and you don’t want to sacrifice warmth or style. This cool-weather headband goes beyond the bike for the non-traditional cyclist who prefers to look good and feel good with multi-purpose attire. This simple-yet-stylish headband traps heat and wicks away moisture so you can stay warm and dry wherever your bike takes you.

Vörunúmer: 0100631867 Flokkur: Brand:
  • Thermal fabric is engineered to trap and retain body heat so you stay warm
  • Reversible for more color options to match your style
  • Integrated reflectivity provides better visibility
  • Cute scrunch in front for bonus style points
  • Completely covers ears to stay warm

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Vice Pink, Purple Lotus, Miami Green, Battleship Blue, Radioactive Pink