Compactline 20 E-Bike

4.990 kr.

The AXA Compactline 20 is a compact and sporty E-bike headlight with a surprisingly high light output of 20 Lux. The Compactline 20 offers a combination of an integrated reflector with optimal light distribution. Both features enhance the safety aspect, as you are better seen by other traffic and the road in front of you is well lighted. The robust bracket is suitable for every road type, but can also be replaced for one of the specially designed brackets for semi integration with the most common front forks. This version is designed for direct connection to a 6-12V E-bike battery. LIGHT BEAM: 40 meters ‘to see’ 2500 meters ‘to be seen’

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Safety description

  • Clear lens technology, you are also visible from the side
  • Meets German (StVZO) regulations

Comfort description

  • Compact, sportive design
  • Optimal light distribution by our double lens technology

Technical description

  • High power 20 lux LED light, more than 50,000 hours life span
  • Integrated retro reflector to be better seen by oncoming traffic
  • Compatible with 6-12V E-bike battery