Bremsusett MT400 fram

10.990 kr.

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  • Optimised braking performance. The design is inherited from the race performance XTR braking system to ensure optimal stopping power. Braking sharpness is reduced to minimise the risk of overbraking, increasing control and safety for recreational MTB riders. The caliper is constructed to improve modulation and durability for long-lasting, reliable braking performance.
  • Ergonomic reach. The adjustable and ergonomically tailored 2-finger reach accomodates all hand sizes (minimum 75mm reach).
  • Minimal design. The stripped back design increases rigidity for exceptional braking control, while also reducing weight.
  • Near-silent operation. 40% wider pad clearance reduces rattling for a more silent ride, keeping you focused on the trail ahead.
  • Easy maintenance. One way bleeding makes changing the hydraulic oil easy, so that you can keep your brakes functioning optimally all year round.