Bremsudiskur 160mm X58

6.990 kr.

The XLC Brake Disc BR-X58 is expertly designed to suit all weather conditions and perform excellently time after time. The CNC machined friction ring encourages improved braking performance in the wet, as well as reducing frictional heat when the temperature rises. All these account for superior braking performance in all conditions. Available in 160mm, 180mm and 203mm sizes to suit all types of riding, the XLC Brake Disc BR-X58 is also specifically designed to reduce the bed-in time needed for new brake pads so you can focus on the ride. The 6-hole mount makes the XLC Brake Disc BR-X58 compatible with most disc brake systems, hydraulic and mechanical. The necessary mounting screws are included in the box for ease of attachment. A silver and red colourway make the XLC Brake Disc BR-X58 stand out from the crowd, and its steel construction means superior longevity.

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  • stylish brake disc
  • 6-hole
  • with CNC friction ring
  • improved braking performance in wet conditions
  • reduces friction heat in dry conditions
  • reduces bed-in time for the brake pads
  • incl. bolt