Bremsudiskur 140mm RT900

19.990 kr.

The pinnacle in stopping power, DURA-ACE SM-RT900 disc brake rotors deliver consistent braking performance for better control and confidence in race conditions. The ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor significantly reduces heat build-up in the brake system to ensure consistent high performance braking even on the steepest downhill stretches. SHIMANO’s CENTER LOCK mounting system makes installing and removing rotors quick and easy thanks to the spine mount and lock ring design.

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Key points

  • Better control and confidence in race conditions
  • Optimally balanced hydraulic brake system for racing
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • More control and confidence in race conditions
  • Dedicated brake lever shape, stroke, contact point, stiffness and dedicated shift paddles
  • Light weight as racing components
  • Designed as optimum balance of hydraulic brake system for racing purpose
  • One piece Alloy body design
  • Powerfully integrated brake performance
  • Integrated low-profile caliper design
  • FLAT MOUNT system
  • Simple set up and maintenance
  • Easy tool access
  • Easy wheel replacement
  • Easy and clean bleeding system
  • Wide pad clearance and chamfer of brake pads
  • One way bleeding


  • SM-RT90
  • Race
  • Pad Compatibility: Metal, Resin
  • Rotor Material Disc Brake: Steel, Aluminum, Steel
  • Technology: ICE, Freeza
  • Rotor size: 140 mm
  • Mount type: Center Lock Type