Bremsa BB5 MTB F/R

9.490 kr.

The BB5 offers our Tri-Align™ Caliper Positioning System™, tool-free pad replacement, a melt-forged body and an inboard pad adjustment knob. One try and you’ll wonder if the BB5’s are really entry-level brakes.

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Vörunúmer: 0100635026 Flokkur: Brand:
  • MTB, Mechanical
  • Pad type: Steel-backed organic, Stl-backed organic
  • Bracket: Direct mount DIR, Intl Std(140mm Rear,160mm Frt rotor) 0IS, Intl Std(160mm Rear,180mm Frt rotor) 20I, Intl Std(180mm Rear,200mm Frt rotor) 40I, Intl Std(200mm Rear rotor) 60I, n/a, Post mount (20mm bracket) 20P, Post mount (40mm bracket) 40P