Bílfesting á kúlu 3 hjól E-bike

69.990 kr.

  • Tilting mechanism for boot access on 99% vehicles
  • Instant fixing (not tools required) on tow ball by means of a handle
  • The bikes are secured by 6 XXL cycle locators (specially designed for big size frames Ø130mm max and/or 408mm circumference) and 2 full red security straps for added security
  • The Antitheft locking of the bike carrier is made by a built-inlock
  • Cable locking system
  • Rust-resistant galavanized finish and graphite black epoxy paint – Dimensions. : 450 x 230 x 870 mm
  • Max weight load: 3 bikes of 20 kg = 60 kg (remove the battery for more security)
  • Check the weight of the trailer tongue before use : S mini 671g
  • Weight of the bike carrier: 10,70 kg
  • Authorized speed : 110 km/h

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